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To open a bottle of Bondi is to transport yourself to the most famous kilometre of sand in Australia.
It’s about sunshine, big skies, and reminding yourself that life feels better when you’re with good friends - and alive to wherever the journey takes you next.

Bondi fuels the people who work to live rather than simply living to work. Where life’s a spontaneous tale best told when the sun starts to set and the bars start to hum.

So if you’re searching for a premium beer that combines a perfect balance of flavour with a light crisp finish, then grab yourself a Bondi. It’s time to play.


Draw a line in the sand

Bondi is for those of us who dream of standing on distant shores amidst the surf, sand and sea - letting our imaginations win through. It’s that spirit of discovery we thirst for on long summer days, and adventures made in the best company.

With it comes the spray and boom of the morning surf, the smell of sea salt on a lazy weekend, and that feeling of sunshine on your shoulders as you enjoy your first cold beer after a long hot day...


The Bondi Story

Bondi is the Australian Aboriginal word for ‘the noise of water breaking over rocks’ and is probably one of the most recognised Australian names in the world.

Today’s distinctive brand and quality packaging bears the Aboriginal words Guyun and Birrung - sun and stars - the perfect expression of the Bondi experience.

And of course there’s our focus on taste, which is why we’re proud of being selected one of the Top 50 World Beers by Pete Brown - the UK’s Beer Writer of the Year.

“...a very impressive lager that drinks well above its strength. If only all Australian lagers were this well made.”


Taste the

Bondi is a premium, 4.4% ABV Australian lager first brewed and bottled in Sydney in 2009 using our recipe of selected premium hops and malt barley blended to produce a light refreshing beer of the highest quality.

There’s a brilliant Saaz hop character on the nose and a perfect balance of flavor, with proper body, a good buzzy finish and yet the crisp refreshment of a good lager.

Bondi is available in 330ml glass and PET(plastic) bottles.

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